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Your Teeth, Your Car, Your Carpet

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, at best, is a tolerated inconvenience. The thought brings to mind spraying lots of water, chemicals, loud noise, heavy duty equipment, and carpets that take days to dry. Sometimes it takes all the tools and products (and water) that we have to restore a carpet, but I'm here to tell you there is another way. The way is ENCAPSULATION.

Encapsulation cleaning is recommended for maintaining commercial carpet

Encapsulation cleaning is a method of "low-moisture" cleaning that is between dry cleaning (vacuum cleaning) and Restorative Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning). This method is recommended by manufactures as the preferred cleaning method for carpet tiles and can be used on all commercial carpet. It requires a water based encapsulation product, a counter rotating brush machine and that's it! Your commercial office settings should have a regularly scheduled vacuum cleaning. This is by far the best way to preserve and extend the life of your carpet and maintain a healthy indoor environment. When traffic patterns and spills happen and the vacuum is unable to lift the soil or spot, its time for professional cleaning and this is inevitable. The trick is, encapsulation needs to be done BEFORE the carpet gets to a level of soiling where it needs to be restored via Hot Water Extraction. We all know where that leaves you, stuck with a large bill, loud noise, obstructive hoses, and a lengthy drying process.

Encapsulation is about one third the cost of restorative hot water extraction if done on a regular basis. Encapsulation will lift most of the common spills and soils and some products even have built in soil resistors to keep the carpet cleaner longer and spot clean easier. It also dries in one third of the time, no hoses running through the door and low noise level. This makes it a perfect fit for buildings where door security is an issue or for businesses that are open 24 hours.

Clean carpet makes us happy.

Here are a couple of analogies to put this idea into perspective. Think of your vehicle. Regular oil changes (encapsulation) is a quick and painless, inexpensive way to keep your vehicle running well. If you fail to get regular oil changes you risk damaging the engine to a point where it may take an expensive repair to get it running again. In the same way, if carpet is left uncleaned, not only will it require a restorative cleaning process (increased cost, chemicals, water, labor, and dry time) but the carpet may be damaged to a point were it "looks" dirty even after cleaning because of shading and wear.

Or think of your dentist, they recommend a visit every 6 months for a maintenance cleaning (encapsulation). It may sound excessive or expensive to see the dentist every 6 months but think of the alternative. If cavities or other problems go unchecked it will surely lead to costly dental expenses greater than your regular scheduled cleanings.

The cost of new carpet is expensive and stopping production in your office is a hassle.

If carpet is maintained throughout its life it can look "new" for years and years.

So remember; regular cleaning is required to maintain a high level of appearance. Make sure the carpet in your office is as inviting as the smile behind the front desk.

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